Whether you’re under the strain of a COP 9 Investigation, in the middle of a VAT Inspection, or just a little confused over an HMRC notice you’ve received in the post, we’ve got you covered.

Tax Investigations and Enquiries

What is an HMRC enquiry?

How do I handle an HMRC enquiry?

How long does an HMRC tax investigation take?

What information can I withhold from HMRC?

How far back will HMRC go into my records?

When does an HMRC investigation turn into a criminal investigation?

Meetings with HMRC

What should I do if HMRC request a meeting?

What happens at an HMRC meeting?

What are HMRC’s information powers?

VAT Inspections

What do I do if I’m facing a VAT inspection?

How do HMRC review VAT returns?

How do I appeal a VAT assessment?


What is a COP9?

Tax Disclosures

Why should I make a voluntary disclosure to HMRC?

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